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    Persia Cala Gostaran (PCG) Company carries forward with global advancements and strives to provide new technologies for its employees. PNG provides training programs for its employees through manufacturing companies.

    Pure commerce is not Persia Cala Gostaran (PCG) Company’s only concern. Raising the level of quality in any business requires the exchange of information with other organizations. Through its contracts with the vast number and variety of business connections and partners, PNG has been able to provide its employees with training courses and programs in European and East Asian commerce and manufacturing companies, to achieve this level of quality. PNG regards providing its employees with training programs in the fields of oil and gas via experts working those fields are its moral and contracted responsibilities.

    It is a given that such training and educational programs provided for the personnel and employees of this company are in accordance with the ISO 9001 requirements. Maintaining this qualitative and quantitative level of standard is the goal of PNG which is regulated by constant audits, review meetings, managing and adjusting strategies to be able to be up-to-date. All of this is done in order for this company to be a part of Iran’s educational foundation and of educational service in the specialty fields of oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery, power plant, installations and construction in the following programs:

    • – General introductory program to industrial equipment and components such as pipelines, industrial and mechanical control valves, fittings, flanges, industrial washers, nuts and bolts
    • – Specialized courses in parts and different sections of valves and how they work
    • – Valve sizing & selection and evaluation of effective parameters
    • – Observation of industrial manufacturing facilities of pipes, tubes, valves and fittings for better understanding their production and how they work
    • – Familiarization to raw material standards and introductory topics of recognizing materials and metallurgy in terms of the equipment and its application
    • – Familiarization program for understanding the standards required in the selection of industrial equipment in accordance to material, size, function, pressure load…etc.
    • – Familiarization with the principles of valve and controller installation in facility systems
    • – Familiarization with service cycles, repair and maintenance of industrial equipment and the creation of periodic service schedules in accordance with standard protocol.
    • – Testing and inspecting valves



    Persia Cala Gostaran (PCG) Company, with its team of specialists in the various technical and commercial fields, alongside its team of experienced people in supply, purchasing and importing products and its many years of experience in the industry, presents its readiness in regards to supply, consultation and the provision of engineering licenses and documents under the following subjects:

    • – Endorsement Report
    • – Data Sheet
    • – Material Requisition Material Take Off
    • – Equipment List
    • – QCP/ITP Procedure
    • – FAT Procedure
    • – Commissioning Procedure
    • – Technical clarification and alterations
    • – Technical Bid Evaluation
    • – Vendor Documentation Review

    This company’s department of sales has the ability to inquire about and provide prices of products and components in a multitude of industries in the least amount of time. With the acquisition of leaders in the fields of engineering, sales, and product supply this company has tried to take steps in direction of helping and aiding manufacturers and employers. In being so, the knowledge of the specialists in the validation of material, parts and components through inspection agencies, knowledge of international standards and regulations, knowledge of mid-process inspections and component testing, pre-shipping product inspections, transportation methods, installation and activation of components and equipment…etc. allows this company to provide its customers the following:

    • – Inspection of Technical specification of components and comparison with request
    • – Technical evaluations, financial and technical suggestions and their comparison relative to time, situation, final cost…etc.
    • – Evaluation of tenders and auctions for the sale or purchase of products
    • – Observation and inspection in different steps of purchase
    • – Analyzing market information and providing decision options
    • – Creating a complete data bank of suppliers and employers
    • – Performing negotiations with manufacturers and suppliers
    • – Providing storing and warehouse instructions for keeping industrial products



    In the implementation of big projects, predicting and planning ahead in regards to product supply is one of its most crucial aspects. This matter affects scheduling and the total implementation of the project where it is observed that due to the late delivery of products, parts of projects are shut down and delayed. It is important to note that the supplying and duty clearance of products related to the needs of the project and items ordered all need a specific amount of time that must be considered.

    Persia Cala Gostaran (PCG) Company uses its decades of experience and latest strategic knowledge alongside its valuable supply chain and relationships with the most well-known manufacturer brands and equipment suppliers around the globe to make it an expert in product supply and strives to accompany and cater to its customers’ needs in the following ways:

    List of Some Services Offered
    – Expert consultation for import and exporting of industrial products and components, in the company’s main field of operation, within the regulations of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
    – Consultation regarding domestic and international purchases with accompaniment in handling commercial and trade documentation in accordance with the product and chambers of commerce, industry and mines
    – Consultation for domestic and foreign investments which entails purchase orders and potential opportunities
    – Designing long-term marketing plans and necessary suggestions pertaining to selecting domestic and foreign channels of product supply and distribution, as well as transferring the products into the country
    – Providing suggestions for domestic and international partners and performing contract negotiations and finalisations for buying, selling, agencies…etc.
    -Consultation regarding validated methods of payment for foreign transactions via the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) and handling letters of credit (L/C) in accordance to the regulations of The Central bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran
    – Providing product supply chains (domestic & foreign) for providing required components and products for various projects
    – Providing consultation for the most efficient and effective insurance plans for importing products and selecting the best method of transport (best incoterms) in order to ensure the lowest cost, shipping time and risk.
    – Providing consultation in reviewing and visiting specialist trade shows in relation to industry related products
    – Consultation and performance of duty clearance of products in accordance to legal regulations



    A requirement for employers and a lingering concern for customers of products, is the ensuring the completion of the accepted tasks and the quality of the provided products by the seller or inspection team.

    With this approach, one of the tools that can be of importance to beneficiaries of such projects is inspection and validation. This is done by the seller, in accordance to the contract requirements and standard levels agreed upon.

    In relation to this matter, Persia Cala Gostaran (PCG) Company has used its awareness of employer’s needs to obtain a higher level of quality in their contracts and created an inspection unit specifically for solving such issues. Some of the most important duties of this unit are:

    • – Control and inspection of raw material quality in accordance to material, amount and purity of the alloys with international standards, which are mostly implemented in accordance with the validated Data Sheet & MTO & MR & ITP
    • – Control and inspection of the steps of production and comparing and benchmarking in accordance to the standard of manufacturing
    • – Inspection and validation of final product and technical records
    • – Control and inspection of merchandise documentation and checking for adherence to standards
    • – Observational inspections and controlling all dimensions of processes and production to ensure adherence to original requirements



    The constantly changing world of international business, to customers, is a crucial matter that requires professional consultation. Large companies and employer, mostly, are aware of this reality that not having the proper know-how and knowledge will often lead to higher expenses or losses. From this perspective it is clear how consultation with business professionals results in savings in cost and time as well as increasing overall efficiency of a project.

    Due to Persia Cala Gostaran (PCG) Company’s authority in the fields of commerce and product engineering, it can be a good consultant for your commercial and trade activities.

    – Consultation and presentation of the general rules of the market (import, export and trade regulations…etc.)
    – Consultation for domestic and international purchase
    – Consultation for domestic and international investment
    – Designing long-term marketing plans and necessary suggestions pertaining to domestic and foreign channels of product supply and distribution
    – Presentation of suggestions for contract negotiations
    – Selection of valid methods of payment and providing services regarding letters of credit
    – Business consultation regarding regulation of commodity trade documents
    – Providing expert opinion and needed technical aid in the fields of satisfying industrial and construction product standards
    – Providing supply chains
    – Review and inspection of international trade regulations, as well as commercial incoterms and clauses
    – Invoice: Including the information of the buyer, seller, product and the transaction description between the parties