Mohammad Reza Sarkhanzadeh

Fars news agency

One of the important steps in the development of the industry; avoid burnout and stop temporary or permanent industrial production in developing countries to evaluate the working environment and working conditions in industrial units. Today, according to the results of a proper evaluation can be ideal for an industrial environment and has all the standard facilities agreement reached the day. But above all requires a thorough understanding of the close relationship between accurate assessment of workplace productivity issues; the rate of return on investment, increased productivity and ultimately be useful and high quality international competition.

Due to lack of necessary facilities in the workplace, lack of standard conditions required labor, non-aggressive, technology, or the promotion of research to achieve technological backwardness of the industry Finally, burnout and increased overhead costs and indirect costs, including the costs of occupational accidents, injuries of human resources, wastes, stop unnecessary delays in the production process and during the time of production, which results in nothing but reduce efficiency and increase the final price and not producing.